Not all faith based organisations are as welcoming and affirming as they should be.  This is true at the national level and at local levels.  While there are affirming and celebrating churches, synagogues and mosques, these and not as widespread as they need to be.

It is our belief that all people of faith should be able to worship freely and take a full part in the practice of their faith on an equal basis.  However, this is something that has not been achieved yet.  It needs individual people and organisations to campaign for better inclusion and affirmation in our faith communities.

In England, but not Scotland, Wales or Ireland, there is an established church – the Church of England.  Some of the senior bishops have places in the House of Lords, which allows them a voice in government.  Therefore what the Church of England does and what it believes affects everyone because they are part of the government.

This gives everyone in the country the right to campaign about the Church of England.  Church of England bishops have voted against same-sex marriage, they voted against civil partnerships etc.  What they believe and the way they vote in government is something that everyone can have an opinion on and can campaign for them to be more LGBTQ affirming.

Wherever you live in England, you live in a diocese, which is an area controlled by one of the Church of England bishops.  If you want to campaign for better laws in England then one easy first step is to write to the bishop for your area.  You can do this whatever faith you hold, or even if you have no faith.

To find the name and contact address of your bishop, open the link below.

House of Bishops contact addresses #2

If you are thinking of standing for election to deanery synod, diocesan synod or general synod, then you should consult the website for your diocese. You may also want to contact the diocesan secretary of their staff.  Contact details are given in the link below.

Diocesan Secretary contact addresses

The church of England is also working on a new teaching document called, Living in Love and Faith.  Information about this can be found at Living in Love and Faith.




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