Welcome to the launch.


Welcome to LGBTQFaithUK.com

Welcome to the launch of this website. It is time to go live and publish the material that is completed so far.
There is a need for material that affirms people who are LGBTQIA+ in their faith, whatever the letter, whatever the faith. The resources take time to develop, which is why there is only Christian material published to start with. Material from other faiths is under development.
The focus here is on events and resources most relevant to people living in the UK. There is a great deal of material which is based in the US and some of that is not addressing the needs of people in the UK.
The term gender and sexual minorities will be used in this website as an inclusive term, one which includes everyone who does not feel them selves to be cisgender or heterosexual.
The resources offered on this site are all original pieces of work and the copyright is retained by the author. In some pieces the copyright is waived under certain conditions. In other cases, please use the contact form to discuss copyright permissions.