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The Bible Affirms series:

The Bible affirms Gays and Lesbians

The Bible affirms Bisexuals

The Bible affirms trans and queer people

These three leaflets were written for the stall at Pride.

Copyright notice.  These three leaflets may be downloaded and printed for free distribution at Pride events, or similar.  The author attribution and disclaimer must be included.

The abuse of scripture series:

The flawed basis for conversion therapy

The changing nature of marriage

These are available as a pdf. Copyright notice. These leaflets may be downloaded and printed for free distribution at Pride events, or similar. The author attribution and disclaimer must be included.

Online Links


” Quest exists to provide pastoral support to lesbian, gay and transgender Catholics.”
Supported by a network of local groups, each with its own flavour Quest offers opportunities for fellowship, friendship and support. Local groups are open to like minded people of faith and participation isn’t dependent on membership of (national) Quest. Quest runs an annual conference open to all. Visit the website for more information and to follow the Quest blog.

Quest provides information and opportunities for worship, spiritual retreats and supportive fellowship through our local groups.
Through our meetings with local bishops and other Catholic leaders, we promote LGBT inclusion in the life of the Church.
We also meet with other LGBT groups to promote a more rounded understanding of faith, and the possibility of one being both Catholic and openly LGBT.
More information about the local Quest group can be found on their page of the Quest website:
To get in touch with Quest East Midlands email the local group at:


(The Religious Society of Friends) are welcoming to LGBT+ people as their basic beliefs include:
• All people are equal before God
• Each person is unique, precious, a child of God

There are two Quaker LGBT networks:

Quaker Lesbian Group (QLG) A welcoming nationwide group of lesbians who meet twice a year for a Gathering which is a weekend of friendship, discussion and support.
Contact : QLG Clerk at

Quaker Gender and Sexual Diversity Community (formerly Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship) is a nationwide welcoming organisation which organises Gatherings.
See website

Our local Quaker Meeting is:

Leicester Quaker Meeting, Queens Road, Leicester LE2 1WP

Dignity and worth

This is the Methodist LGBT group


This is the Baptist LGBTQ+ group.  


LEFT (LBTQI women Exploring Faith Together)

This is a group for all women – straight, lesbian, bi, trans and all who identify as women.


Diverse church

This is an online group, mainly aimed at young people.

Diverse Church Friends


The Sibyls

The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and supporters. It seeks to fulfil the two great commandments of Jesus: To love God and love one another.



This is a Jewish LGBT+ group. They have been involved with developing resources covering Jewish LGBT+ inclusion.  Their document The wellbeing of LGBT+ pupils in Orthodox Schools is excellent and very affirming.

The wellbeing of LGBT+ pupils in Orthodox Schools can be downloaded at:


The American Keshetonline has resources that may be helpful, but do not have direct UK relevance.




The word ‘Hidayah’ derives from the Arabic word for ‘guidance.’ Hidayah is a nationwide organisation for LGBTQI+ Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Their website can be accessed at

Their twitter account is @HidayahLGBT

Their conference can be accessed at the hashtag #QueerIslam2019

Student guide

The Ultimate Guide to Resources for LGBTQ+ Students, which has a lot of useful information for those about to go to college can be accessed at

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