Radical Christian Inclusion

Radical Christian Inclusion

Radical Christian Inclusion is rooted in God’s unconditional, infinite, intimate love, manifest in the life of Jesus the Christ. We are all equally human, equally made in the image of God, equally loved infinitely by God, all brother and sisters in the rainbow family of God, equal members of the Church.

Radical Christian Inclusion grasps the implications of Jesus Christ’s Gospel for all people and all creation. Jesus’ ministry exemplifies the radical inclusion of all people in the Kingdom of God. He proclaims a kingdom of peace, justice, and love without discrimination, affirming those his society who were marginalised, recognising their full humanity and celebrating their diversity.

The inclusion which comes through Christ is a gift integral to all humanity and all creation, irrespective of faith community, culture, race, gender, or identity.

Radical Christian Inclusion values and welcomes all people equally and seeks never to abuse people because of their race, gender, sexuality, or personal identity.

Radical Christian Inclusion is far-reaching in its scope, excluding no one, embracing people in all countries, cultures, all faiths and no faith, is not exclusive to Christians and Christianity.

Radical Christian Inclusion recognises that through the complementarity of our differences we grow together in humanity, affirm one another, and reflect collectively the image of God in our sexual, gender and racial diversity.

Radical Christian inclusion is an evolutionary process as we learn from the pattern of Jesus to recognise contemporary exclusions as we deepen our self-awareness and recognise Christ in all creation.

Inclusion for LGBTIQ+ people

Radical Christian Inclusion embraces unconditionally lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.

Radical Christian inclusion is not new. It is the essence of Jesus’ teaching and at the heart of the Gospel. LGBTIQ+ people are simply the next group of oppressed people in need of liberation.

Radical Christian Inclusion embraces LGBTIQ+ people in countries and provinces of the Anglican Communion where LGBTIQ+ people are persecuted and criminalised.

Radical Christian Inclusion will speak out to defend LGBTI+ people against discrimination in this country, throughout the Anglican Communion and in every country where prejudice, homophobia and transphobia are present.

Radical Christian Inclusion – implications for LLF

Radical Christian inclusion requires a radical transformation of the patriarchal, heteronormative, white, western privileged culture of the Church of England, questioning the tradition and the perspective about what has become normative and orthodox in biblical Christian teaching and practice.

LGBTQI+ people are already full, integral members of the Body of Christ. We are not a problem to be solved.

The lack of a global, cosmic, spiritual world view seriously inhibits the Church of England’s vision of all creation as infused with divine sacred presence. This limitation restricts its capacity to imagine possibilities outside the orthodox, traditional box within which it constructs theology and conducts its affairs.

Creating inclusion requires us to learn about and confront our prejudices, phobias, and habitual ways of thinking and acting, engaging in a formational process of becoming more self-aware.

We are not equal in selection, training and preferment in ministry, lay and ordained. We are excluded in a way that is not simply uncomfortable. We are absolutely denied equality in the life of the Church. Our full inclusion will be an uncomfortable experience for some, and for us, the fulfilment of decades of longing and campaigning.

Changing Attitude England’s definition of Radical Christian Inclusion

LGBTIQ+ people will be fully and equally included in the life and practice of the Church of England when equal marriage, the blessing of our relationships and equality in ministry are achieved.

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