Are you on Diocesan Synod?

Did you know that you have the right to ask two questions at each synod?  When the notice of business for the meeting gets sent out, you are allowed to send in two written questions in advance of the meeting.  These get a written answer and you can ask a supplementary question at the actual meeting.  This is a way that Diocesan Synod members can ask for information and hold diocesan officials to account. 

I show the Leicester notice of business for our next meeting so you can see what this looks like.  I also have some possible questions you can ask.  Every diocese is different and you may have better questions for your local context.  In my experience, people rarely ask questions at Diocesan Synod, but if we want radical change then that starts with raising our voices.

If possible, please share the questions and answers from your Diocesan Synod with this group.

Possible diocesan synod questions with links can be downloaded below.